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Since it's inception in 1995, LeatherWeb has been an alternative lifestyle, relationship oriented, project.
It has never been, is not now, nor is it intended to be in the future, a porn site. We describe it as what goes on between and not during orgasm.


All who enter the Global Leather Village agree to the ethic:



LeatherWeb also subscribes to the traditiion:


[Leather Flag]

The Leather Pride Flag

The Leather Pride flag has become a recognized symbol of the leather community. The leather community, in this case, encompasses those into leather, levi, S/M, bondage, uniforms, cowboys, rubber and other fetishes. The leather Pride flag was first displayed on May 28, 1989, at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, and it was quickly adopted by leather/levi groups around the world.

Every day is Flag Day when you fly a Leather Pride flag!

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(Where relevant, the levels are interconnected)
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