Boston, MA

Leather Daddy

manhandler.jpg 7.11 K

This 5'10" 168# 52yr in-shape daddy is looking for a very special muscle
boy. He needs Daddy's discipline, and also craves his affection. When this
demanding Daddy finishes dealing with his rebellion, the boy yields his ass
for ultimate pleasure and then he wants to curl up in Daddy's arms all
night. More than anything he wants to please Daddy by giving proper respect,
admiration... and his body. If you're a muscular boy, over 30, into
discipline, servitude, and pleasing Daddy, you may respectfully request an
interview/inspection by emailing me at:

jernigan@erols.com For more pictures: http://members.aol.com/ManHndlr2

Come to Daddy, boy.

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