The Global Leather Village is ALWAYS under construction. Grab a hardhat and be part of the crew! Please give us your comments and suggestions below.

Although the area for men is developing at a comfortable pace, the lesbian and heterosexual areas of the Village are in serious need of expansion.

If you're a member of a club or organization, tell us about it so we can list it under the Calendar/Resources page. If you've written about a particular fetish, we would love to see it for the site. We give full attribution, of course. If you know everything about what's going on in the leather community of your town, we'll make you a forman and let you contribute a monthly column for your city's Calendar. Whether you've just been to a local leather event and want to write up a paragraph or two for the News section, or you've just wrote the definative text on how to mummify someone and want to see it under Education, we're anxious to have contributors from the ENTIRE community represented here.

Let us know what's on your mind.

Do it now!

Master and webboi are interested in improving our site.

Please Send Us Your Comments!

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