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Hello brothers & sisters,

Another weekend has past . The Tarheels had a fabulous turnout of more than 100 people more than ten clubs at thier Nine Lives fourth of July annual run.We had folks visiting as far as Wisconsian,NJ,NC,DC,SC,VA,and Altanta.

I had the chance to meet new friends and have Kenny from the Rogues pitch a tent along side of me ;he won the award for best campsite -shoot he had everything from a broom to a safty pin . The weekend started with a fish fry provided by the Ladies of the Tarheels ,cocktail parties hosted be the Rogues of VA, Code 12 Jax ( the new babies I still have my baby bottle). On Saturday the Capital Leathermen gave us all a good eye opener after waking up to the sound of peacocks and outdoor showers ( cold water ). At lunch we ate & mingled and played the famous Tarheel naked twister while the Keywest Wreckers/ Suncoast LC hosted an afternoon cocktail hour .Before dinner was served the Richmond Leather Club did it agian with a fabulous cocktail hour( What are they going to do when they burn out? :>) ). Hell , they used up alot of shower water so much that some of the members were in the pond( with the frogs ,snakes and man eating fish) under the fountain washing off their body paint .

The ladies of the Tarheels had a Ladies tea/ cocktail gathering at the tent of it's lady members Madaddy Weebie(Ms NC Leather) , Paula (Ms Leather Pride)the Pres.of the Trident Knights of SC ,Ms Liz the Pres. of the Knighthawks/VA and Lady D of PEP were there with great input it was fabulous there was 12 women at the run this year more than ever. The Richmond Leather Club was welcomed into the community( they thought the worst ;thanks to Uncle Frank of the Tarheels) while Paula worked on her goal for the next day of awards :>).

Later on in the evening dinner was great BBQchicken and veggies and a cocktail hour hosted by the Carolina Bear Lodge. There was entertainment filled with plenty of laughter Uncle Frank was taken back on his flexabilty after the Richmond tribe gave back a taste of revenge .As the nite came upon us the dungeon was opened as the Knighthawks of VA along with The Santuary provided the tail end of cocktail hours ."Lady D" had folks on fire on Sat. evening (she's one that can say she lit my a-- on fire). The next morning we all started to break camp ;as we did this- we had all realized that it all had to end in love and unity.Well Ican say one good thing we all enjoyed ourselves so much that alot of us will be back for the tenth year in the woods with the Tarheels .

Madaddy Weebie

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