HELLO from Int'l M/s Contest Weekend!

FLASH: There were (only) three sets of contestants: One each: Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual. The women took it!

What a wonderful array of Masters and slaves. All colors and sizes. All impressive and competitive.

The Seventh International Master and slave Weekend and Contest began tonight, March 18,1999. Vendors were up and ready by 7PM and one would never believe it was only Thursday. The crowd equaled a Saturday afternoon shopping spree.

When we say International Master and slave Weekend we mean just that! England and Canada were present as Guest Registration began at 7PM. When registration closed those who worked the Registration tables stated they were so busy they ran out of "T" shirts already. (What will they do for Friday and Saturday attendees?!)

There was also the Cocktail Party held at the Grand Ballroom of the Ramada Inn from 7PM-11PM. All this was followed by the Contestants & Judges Meet N Greet to be held at the Atlanta Eagle at 10PM.

The Sanctuary tops the evening off with its first Play Party of the weekend. Many were complaining of being tired but the bus to the Sanctuary didn't look empty to me. It appeared to me that everyone wanted to hang out and PLAY no matter how tired they were.

Gee, this looks like a GREAT weekend is about to happen!!!

PS -- I've noted many POC. All were interracial presentations. They all look fantastic. The mixtures was: male Black/white male, male Black/white female, female Black/white female. I have not noticed any Black female Doms. But there are Black males all over the place.

FRIDAY March 19th - Day Two:

And it is a GREAT day here in Atlanta. We awakened to Continental Breakfast from 8AM-9:30AM. The coffee smelled so good, you could follow your nose to the Hospitality RM. 5073, from the elevator.

Everyone who walked through the door was welcomed with fresh fruits and baskets of treats. Not to mention the coffee and many bakery selections. It was wonderful being there so early in the morning watching those who would enter and socialize. The gathering was a good cross section our Pansexual Leather/SM/Fetish community.

The two most noticed entrees to the Hospitality Room were: Viola Johnson, here to talk about the publication of her new book "memories of her life as a slave" and Guy Baldwin, who also has a new book out on the shelves. Both of these personalities, will be among the group of authors here speaking during the "Authors Track" presentation tomorrow between 3:00PM-6:00PM.

Today, Joseph Bean of the Leather Archives & Museum, will be in Room 5067, from Noon-5PM. The Leather Archives & Museum will also sponsor -- along with KPOG, Anvil Dungeon International, and Trident Knights-South Carolina -- today's Cocktail Party from 6:00PM-7PM.

The Opening Ceremonies -- which includes Banquet and Auction begins at 7PM-10PM.

The Play Parties begin at 10:30PM at the Sanctuary and P.E.P. House. Buses are available for all party goers from the hotel to both of these locations.

About your above inquiry:

It is difficult to distinguish the Black males as Master/slave. However, if I am to use my own judgment, they all appear to be slaves. I see them by themselves, so I believe they are available/looking. You are correct when you question, "No Black on Black, right?" Neither male or female Black on Black. All of the couples I've seen are interracial.

PS -- I made a BIG BIG mistake, the guy who picked me up and twirled me around was not Tony Mills but Ray Castro of Castro Street Art, Jacksonville, Florida. Ray Castro is a Vendor and I haven't seen him since he was a contestant in last year's IML, Mr. Florida Leather'98. He looks even better this year than he did last year during the contest!! That's why I thought of Tony Mills. (But, I would really like to be given the opportunity to make mistakes like white people are always mistaking me for Jill Carter. ("We ALL do look alike.")

DAY TWO at International Master/slave Weekend and contest began with Continental Breakfast from 8AM-9:30AM. Everyone who had the courage to get up early and then show their face after the fantastic time WE ALL had at the Play Parties last night at THE SANCTUARY and P.E.P., were GLOWING with smiles from ear to ear. (A picture, is this case, is worth a thousand words.) If you could have only seen us all!!! :):):)

Saturday, March 20, 1999-- The Opening Plenary: It's Our Turn! Guy Baldwin, M.S.--Speaker. will begin at 10:15AM-10:45AM. The Workshops begin at 11:00AM. There are six sessions with only one session being run along side of another session. This makes it great for all in attendance, there will be no choosing "which one will I go to?" We will be able to hear all the Presenters pass along their secrets and a wealth of information.

THE INTERNATIONAL MASTER/slave 1999 CONTEST, will take place at the Theater with the Emcees Shann Carr and Daryl Flick. Both of these great personalities and entertainers hosted last night's Auction held to raise monies for the traveling fund of the contest winners.

Sunday, March 21, 1999-- There will be thirteen Sessions of Workshop with no conflicts. Again all in attendance will have no choices to make. We will be able to hear all the Presenters.

The Closing Plenary: Finding Our Way Together--Guy Baldwin, M.S.--Speaker will take place at 4:00PM-4:30Pm on Sunday afternoon.

I will be leaving this wonderful event on Sunday morning, unfortunately. As a result, I will not be able to attend the Second Day of workshops. I was not aware that there would be no workshops on Friday when I made my traveling plans. But, I must say for the short time I have spent here, I've networked with just about everyone. That's how accessible everyone is make themselves.

Well, I gatta go, it's already after 10:15AM and I do not want to miss Guy Baldwin's opening statements.

Play Safe, Play Hard, and Play Real!

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