Itís Sunday Morning July 29th - the morning after the sixth annual Master and slave contest. It is also our nine month anniversary - and the Gay Pride Parade will pass by out Hotel in a couple of hours. Itís eight oíclock and the sun is already bright and hot - itíll be 90+ today. We did not win the title, Master Roger and slave bill of Atlanta did. We are however, the unnofficial runner-up. And this being the case we are now prviledged to be perhaps somewhat more honest as critic or commentator rather than just reporers. There has been no question or doubt in our minds that we were not going to win; but since we live in Spirit, it is understood that winning may not be that of titleholder for us. There is another plan in store for us - even if itís just doing Ďthe same thing, betterí.

The Show was great although we heard most of it from back stage where the contestants were making a show of their own of course. Each had itís table and dressing area and five changes of gear. And everyone had itís job down perfectly. This was not an easy contest to judge. It was said over and over, everyone is a winner just by being a part of such a high quality family of Leatherfolk. This was certainly true of this event. Without going into all the naming of names this was the point at which the title International Master and International slave begin to carry the same stature as any of the other international titles. We were priviledged to get better aquainted with the winners during the time together backstage. And as a result of this weíll perhaps be staying with them in Atlanta next weekend. It is clear that this team is tireless in its contribution toward building a proud leather community locally and beyond. If we had to vote on one winner, this would have been our choice - along with ourselves of course. The sixth International Master and slave can count on our full support during the next eithteen months of their reign.

The seventh chapter of the title will begin on March 1999 in Atlanta, GA. For more information: e-mail: MSTslv97@bellsouth.net
or call 770-638-7984.

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