House of Ross


a slave serves; a boy pleases
a slaveboy BELONGS

Boy is a noun. boi* is the familiar. It is a phonetic spelling that connotes endearment.
boi* is reserved for SIR – and the natural family of the boy.

This is not about the D.L. – no way! It’s about “Pride Of Service!”
This is about vocation and not avocation. This is about orientation not recreation.
It’s also about fun!

Look, Feel, Attitude;
Spirit, Heart, Sexuality,
All in equal measure.

SIR, Yes, SIR is a mantra. It is a conditioning that runs inside at all times to the rhythm of life in the UNIT. “SIR, yes Sir; Sir YES, Sir, Sir yes, SIR.”

How many ways could a boy say Sir, Yes, Sir if this was it’s only phrase? 1001 at least!

Sir, Yes, Sir means more than hearing. Sir, Yes, Sir means more than Understandin’. Sir, Yes, Sir is an affirmation of compliance. Sir, Yes, Sir means a done deal.

Sir, Yes, Sir is affirmation of the VOW of one’s place. Sir, Yes, Sir is witness to the station of the SIR.

SIR, Yes, Sir is the continuous renewal of commitment. Sir, Yes, Sir along with It’s acceptance by the SIR, is the living contract. No other is needed except as regard the business of The UNIT.

Sir, Yes, Sir is the nourishment of the roots of the UNIT.

Sir, Yes, Sir is the food of arousal.

The progress of the process of becoming slaveboi in The House Of Ross
is measured by 3,3,3,3,3: Contact, Connect, Trust, Commit, Continue…

  • 3 hours interview.
  • 3 days orientation
  • 3 weeks training 24/7 – (if a day is missed, it’s repeated from the beginning.)
  • 3 months trial
  • 3 year commitment
  • forever and ever.
    At the close of each segment the recruit can request release or re-up and continue on.
    NOTE: Long distance training can indeed succeed.

    No boy is a slave until it has surrendered it’s sexuality. The pleasure of a slave is taken from the serving of, and pleasure of, the SIR

    There is more, more and more – it’s a lifetime of more. But know these things: Life is lived in The House Of Ross ‘on a human scale’ which means always being “Frightfully Honest”. No games, no secrets, no manipulations.

    There is nothing a boy cannot do, cannot have, cannot be that requires it to be out of gear or out of character. No-Thing.

    A boy can raise the bar but never, ever, lower it.

    First, last and all-ways – Word applies: OBEY!

    Finally: Knowing fully within, that,in the end; no matter how hybred, outrageous or freeky,
    “It’s all about caring.”

    The entirity of The House Of Ross website.
    Slavecraft by Guy Baldwin.
    Becoming a slave by Jack Rinella
    The Theory & Practice of Voluntary Servitude
    Any of the books on Power Exchange lifestyles as distinct from fetish.
    The US Marine Handbook (circa 1940's & '50's).

    *NOTE. This spelling was first used in The House Of Ross over 20 years ago to distinguish the then, Political Incorrect use of boy in reference to African-American men.

    Petition SIR ROSS

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