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Master Phil Ross

ROSS has been published in many leather publications since 1980 such as
Update Newspaper, Fetish Magazine and Frontiers, also The Leather Journal,
International LeatherMan, Collars, Black Leather in Color and Whazzup Magazine.

Master ROSS has lived a leather lifestyle for over 45 years. He is co-founder of
BWMT Los Angeles and co-producer and volunteer of the year for LeatherFest Los Angeles.
He works tirelessly behind the scenes counseling, co-ordinating and facilitating, making it
easier for those He works with to attain their goals.

He has been given the title "The Leather Griot" by His Leather Brothers of Color.
The Griot is the tribal storyteller who passes down the tribal history to the next generation.

In this column ROSS talks about His relationship with His boi

If you haven't read His essay on Diversity, here's your chance./c2a.htm Now the latest:

And now the latest: It's a Call to Action to direct the folks at LLC to do what's correct and true.

Here's a Summation Statement of involvement in the LLC Process during the past year and a half.

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