House of Ross


SIR Controls, is Consistent, and is Committed

SIR accepts, cherishes and cares for the most precious gift available –
the surrender of the slaveboy 24-7/3-6-5.

Very recently there was a re-connect between this SIR and a boy who was ‘in the running’ over ten (10) years ago. This was through Drummer magazine classifieds long before computers and the internet.

Here’s what he wrote:
“…just spent an hour going through your site and your life and your vision.

What I didn't expect was the magical core of spirituality and connection that permeated your whole essense... and the love of you and your slaveboi rodney. I have been struggling for years with this sexuality/spiritualiyt link knowing THAT they are indeed connected... something so few people see.

As I read your site, I thought and felt.. a/ha!..”

And then came this note from a boy who met up for an orientation just over a year ago:

“You have been on my mind, Sir Ross. I did finally come around. You helped, believe it or not… … Yes, we definitely ought to keep in touch. I hope our paths cross again. If you're ever on the east coast, please look me up.”

Connecting into any new relationship is usually not easy. But in this instance it Is nothing short of finding a needle in a haystack. This SIR is confident, committed and certain that it is happening right now as coincidence occurs.

Since slaveboi rodtney’s transformation there has been contact with, at least,150 men and 1500 e-mails and this SIR is greatful for each and every one of them.. Meet ‘n Greet’s have occurred. Friendships have been made. Many miles have been traveled across North America and Europe. Events have been attended. No time waisted w/P’nP or diversionary flings of “play” and “scene”. This is a lifestyle journey. The extended family deepens.

The vision is to arrive at “the next level” – and it’s symbols are ‘extreme’, outrageous; avant-guard, vanguard. Perhaps it’s making “The UNIT” into an artform.

A Master controls; a Dadd mentors, a SIR directs.
Keeping the UNIT True and Correct is assured.

about SIR ROSS:
"Husky, Tough 'n Tender"
"The soft side of tender, the tender side of tough."
a touch freek - anal over oral
Bondage, Discipline, Protocol
Tight Is Right; Tighter Is Righter!
Living Life On A Human Scale

Semi-Retired living a vintage RV ‘Country and Town’ Lifestyle. Out and about in the community. Healthy, experienced and ready to do it all. Supporter of traditional leather values and traditions. It’s all very, very real - here in The House of Ross

Distance is about time, not miles.
Location? The story goes like this:
Frequently SIR ROSS is asked: "Where ya goin' next?"
And the reply is this:
Yes, Master's do sometimes relocate.

What's Happening?

"First Mind"

The process is to get off the computer a.s.a.p., onto the phone and then into one another’s arms as swiftly as possible. No IM, Chat, or Web-cam. This is about relationship!

Send your yearning and pictures for exchange (in whatever gear you wear preferred); “Be Specific and Feel Teriffic”. Share and share alike. There are no secrets.

an Englishman recently wrote:
"hot profile SIR.......... wouldnt mind being on end of ur collar and lead. pity its a black slave u want SIR "
Here's SIR ROSS reply:
"No, it's not a pity at all; rather, it's a proclivity. Black is not only a color but a consciousness. ... a consciousness that SIR ROSS has been extremely blessed to share and participate in for over 30 years as well, BTW...
Good Luck, "


Is having a good boy around.


Is having to say something once and it’s a done deal.


Is having one’s needs met before being aware of them.

If you can relate; bust a move:

<Picture on request with yours>



…has always been BOTH about rebellion AND about belonging.  It is believed to be for the outstanding individual: Able to think on one’s feet as well as function without question.  It is about Focus: A goal.  A task.  A win.  A measurable result; an honor, a celebration.  And it means being in shape and looking good all-ways.  This is the meaning of Leather-Life-Style. 

Just add Love to taste.

House of Ross.


Job Description

Present to BOSSMASTER Formally: 



Wear assigned Gear

Learn His Ways

Learn the Culture

Be all that U can B

Master will assure this.


Division of Labor:

All that touches the Master body is your responsibility;

Personal assistant; houseman, yard dog

Master will handle the rest.


Watch the Master back

Get the Master over

Exude the House of Ross


The Guarantee:

Consistency - Communication - Commitment

 Happiness, Protection, Love; Belonging, Accomplishment, Fun.


Petition SIR ROSS

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