House of Ross


Spirit, Heart, Sexuality in equal measure.

The “Unit” is that which is created when two or more souls come together and take root as One. The Unit takes on a life of it’s own and has it’s own destiny. It is directed by O/our Grand Master or Spirit Master (S-M) and therefore lasts as along as Spirit deems it to be. This is the ‘cosmology’, if you will, of The House Of Ross. As individuals W/we commit to the Unit and we listen to and Honor Spirit within’. In this manner W/we two become One. It is the stuff that Soul Mates are made of. And it is the Unit that the world sees first – even if one of the partner’s is absent.

Heart is about “Frightfully Honest” Communication that can come only with TRUST. Spirit and Heart come together when W/we speak “First Mind” – the first image that comes into view as W/we listen actively within’. It’s simply “what’s so”. Sexuality and Respect go together. Each of us is wired uniquely. Sex will happen as O/our biorhythm’s entwine. And as we learn to combine O/our intentions. Fetishes drive O/our style; toys are tools. O/our 24/7 relationship becomes continuous foreplay on levels that vary from soft to loud. The key condition for completeness is to derive one’s pleasure from that of the partner.

The Passion Is In The Protocol: This is the mantra of The UNIT
The core dynamic is Power Exchange. Most definitions talk about Total or Absolute Power Exchange as a pre-condition for who is in charge in a relationship and to what degree. In The House Of Ross, Power is bestowed and renewed moment to moment with each transaction, essentially as a gift. Roles are actually VOW’s – a vow to convey and accept submission or control 100% of the time. This practice takes interaction to the level of an art form – something to constantly and continuously reach for. Joy comes through consistency.

Punishment is to be taken out of service. Behavior modification works better. Everything else is a reward.

Every relationship has a business aspect to it. Contracts protect this condition and clearly define what-if’s and any out clause/s.

Location: Where on the planet can The UNIT be most free and most responsible for itself.

One last and important feature is the answer to this question: What is the difference between conscripted and consensual slavery? Conscripted slavery is based on fear. Consensual slavery is based on Love.

The boy u-b is the boy W/we c,
The SIR u-b is the Sir W/we c.
UNIT: a single undivided whole
whole: an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity
an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole; i.e., The Leather Community.

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