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Los Angeles Leather Scene
by Le'

The Global Leather Village is proud to introduce Le'...

Better known as Le´ to her friends, she has been a submissive "since birth" as she laughingly puts it. "Since I was born well before woman's liberation, all my tendencies to be submissive were reinforced as a child. But I did go through that stage of denial that so many of us into BDSM experience before finally deciding to fully accept myself as the submissively, kinky edgeplayer I was all along."

Le´ spent several years in San Francisco exploring BDSM with a number of partners and in the early 90's. She acted as The Spectator's "SM Test Pilot," allowing herself to be submected to testing new products about which Layne Winklebeck had to write articles. One of her favorite's was Folsom Electric's new electrical butt plugs.

In 1992 Donnie Rice took her away from the Bay Area to live with him as his primary partner. Donnie often referred to Le´ as "the most awesome submissive I have ever seen." Together they developed the Lightning Hands™ violet wands.

The Rice's were first runner-up in the Los Angeles Masters and Slaves contest in 1993, and co-chaired NLA-LA in 1994-95. They also served on the committee that succeeded in putting on LeatherFest, LA in 1995.

As EROTEC grew and electrical play became more popular, Donnie and Le´ spent more time with their business and with each other until Donnie was killed in November, 1998. Then Le´ took over production of the Lightning Hands™ violet wands, as well as the household and clerical duties she had done before. Today she singlehandedly runs EROTEC, and yet finds time to spend with her extended family all over the United States, demonstrating the Lightning Hands™ wands at clubs and retail stores, as well as presenting Electrical workshops at several conventions. She says this is a labor of love because "as long as someone is playing with one of Donnie's wands, a part of him is still here with us."

Now Le´ is joining our team of reporters to tell us about the BDSM world from the perspective of a single, submissive, heterosexual, woman running a small business.

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