GOOD NEWS! Wedding To bring together in some manner of union. Solemnize To notice or honor a day, occasion or deed. So we are coming together to Solemnize our Domestic Partnership. *Marriage, according to Webster, we're not: It says, "A state of being united - to the opposite sex." Ops.'


We're getting married*... 'Da Mayor' of San Francisco, Willie Brown will solemnize our Domestic Partnership at a public ceremony on March 25th. We'll have our Spiritual ceremony later on - come summertime. This is a very good thing and a once in a lifetime commitment for both of us. This will be a Lesbian/Gay and Leather Pride event for us all: "In Gear and In Character" . We anticipate loads of media coverage. Make ready for 'News at 11'. We are stepping forward to say, "Marriage is the affirmation by mutual choice of any combination of people as life partners. It is the commitment that is sacred and not gender, race, bloodline or lifestyle." Peace and Blessings, Phil & rodtney Master & slave; Daddy & boi, Friends, and Lovers is how we express our commitment together.With the odds of a successful marriage lasting at 50/50; any lifestyle that is working deserves examining. Perhaps what is there to discover, is that regardless of oonfiguration, most successful unions contain some basics: Respect; Honesty, and the ability to comprimise. We'd like to share with you here, a little of the process of how this is happening now. Luck, it is said, is wht happens when preparation and opportunity meet. This then, is a lucky moment for us. We knew we wanted to 'get married'. We didn't know exactly how that was going to take place - and we still only have an 'idea' of how our actual 'Wedding' will take place. It will most likely take place up here in the woods mid-summer this year. I have a habit of picking up papers and bring them home to read - loads of them. So one night recently, I was proped up on the bed watching listening to the TV and reading. There it was in the Bay Area Reporter on page 18: "Brown, Migden to officiate at 'Same-sex wedding II' March 25". "Here come the brides - and the grooms, too, for that matter. Mayor Willie Brown and Assemblywoman Carole Migden will once again officiate a same-sex wedding ceremony at City Hall on Wednesday, March 25 -- exactly two years after they presided over the first such ceremony in San Francisco..." Instantly we 'knew' it was our time to stand up and be counted. Even though we had been to the City the day before, we decided we'd better go in the next day and sign up. And yes indeed, we were number forty-nine! The next thing of course, was to send out the announcements. E-mails went out and the kudo's came back immediately from all around the world. Then we made an announcement card and mailed it out to our friends and family who don't have computers yet. Next our attention turned to wardrobe and presentation. What to wear. How to act. How to manage our collar ritual during the ring exchange. What to say to the press? What to give to the Press? Who to notify? What if there are detractors? Who will accompany us when only two are allowed? What to do afterwards? (Our parents will watch us on TV.) All of this comes as we are planning our Spring itinerary: LeatherFest San Diego, Palm Springs, L.A. IML-20 Chicago, a visit to my 97 year old mother in Michigan - where to go from there? Getting home in time to greet our guests arriving from Brooklyn, New York. Like they say, "The more you do, the more you can do." The weather was fantastic over the weekend - the first all winter really. So I worked on the Van getting it ready for the next 10,000 miles of driving. So far so good. Everything's getting done. rodtney's in bed with a cold. he asked for Rum. I wanted ice cream (we both gotta lose the winter fat). So we're having Rum and ice cream tonight (March 17th). The scorpio moon is shining bright with a ring around it. Rain maybe? And so it goes. Details, details, details - I thrive on details actually. Almost as soon as we realized we'd made this decision I made this statement, "boi, your Man can feel the chemistry changing." And it's true. People who can and do get married, and are accepted and recognized for it, probably do not sense this or take it for granted. And who knows, maybe this is why so often it doesn't last. It's simply not sacred enough to carry them ahead of whatever imperfection is at hand. But for us; this is our moment in time. I'd like to close off this chapter with a message that came in via e-mail this morning from a good friend, Kent: "May God guide your path together as you start the path of eternity." Another good friend, Gina Hall and her right hand dawg, Atomic Dawg,
sent this GREAT congradulatory response!


We will be talking with you soon.

Well, We did it! Take a look at our Wedding Album

Perhaps this is what the chemistry change is all about. We'll keep adding to this as we move along through Spring of '98. We hope yours is truly blessed as well! . .. Please contact us: . ........
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