People of Color titleholders abound,
right now!

Check this out:

Andre' English
San Francisco Leather Daddy XVII
Outstanding LeatherMan 1999

IMsL (International Ms. Leather) 1997 is Genelle Moore; sister of the late Ron Moore who was the first Black IML (International Mister Leather). She follows Ms. Jill Carter who is the Mastress of Viola Johnson and Queen Cougar who were Pantheon of Leather’s Woman of the year in 1995 and Ms. San Francisco Leather '93, respectively.

Jill Carter has launched her Unsung Hero's Award to recognize those who work tirelessly behind the sceens in our community. And she continues to travel promoting the Leather Archives.

1997-’98 Mr. Deaf Leather is an African-American.

And Mr. Fantasy Leather 1997-'98 is ARIQ Johnson of Detroit ICONS! He is now Mr. Ebony Leather '99-'00. His club is a perfect model of what a leather club can be in terms of inclusion. By just being themselves, they managed to treat us like celebrities when we were there during two of our road trips there.

STACY - is Ms. NLA Leather (National Leather Association) since 1996 because there was no contest since. She has traveled tirelessly world-wide and community-wide as just that - Ambassador of Leather - and not just preaching to the choir either. Recently she appeared at the NOW Convention and Jessie Jackson’s Rainboy Education Converence to ‘represent’. And when we finally get here hook’d up with Dennis Rodman she’d love to be his phychologist. Stacy deserves much recognition for her continuuing presence at just about every major event in the world.

And now there is an emerging Diversity glowing brighter and brighter as Latinos, Asians and Native Americans claim their rightful place as role models and leaders for our Nation. IML-20 in Chicago 1998 had more contestants of color than ever. The representation continues to grow.

All of these and more join the growing list of over three dozen titleholders of color who have pioneered in a community which has supported them on their own merits - which is exactly as it should be. At the same time much of the status quo has been remiss in it’s being open to new blood of any color. The result has been the formation of entire new approaches from fetish and performance art to racially seperatist groups. This trend must play itself out and re-center itself in keeping with what’s real: "One Planet, One People, Please." "Silence = Death". Step up, speak out, and go the extra mile to make the necessary corrections - is the message from LeatherWeb’s Master & boi.

Individually and collectively these winners can help to propell our community into the diversity that will be the 21st century. LeatherWeb congratulates you, one and all.

Each and everyone of us must continue to proudly Stand up, step up, and speak up.


Some names which you may recognize...... (partial list) are:

				L.A. BROTHERHOOD (circa early 80's)
                                PANTHERS LEATHER CLUB/NYC
				HOUSE OF NOIR/L.A.  (on occasion)
				ICON - Detroit
				ONYX - Chicago - Atlanta - NYC
			             San Antonio, TX
                                     Los Angeles & The World
				RICHARD After Dark 
			             Faultline- '95-'96
    		    	  	     Ser Richard Seraile

                                Ron Moore - I.M.L. - 1983
			        Bill 'TAURUS' Webster 
     			             Mr. San Diego Leather 1989
    			    	     Northern CA  Mr. Drummer 1996
				Erwin Murphy - 1989-90-91
   			    	     Mr. Salem Leather
     			   	     Mr. Oregon Drummer
				'D' Cannon  -  I.M.L. 1991
    			   	     Mr. Palm Springs Leather
			 	Ralph Thurman (passed in 1997)
     			             Mr. N.E. Drummer  '92 - Boston
				Jimmy Lee Murray - San Francisco
                                     Mr. Ebony Leather - 1992
                                     Mr. Cheeks & Chaps Int'l. '94
                                replaced in 1995 by Omar Mosley - San Francisco
                                Omar Mosley - San Francisco
                                     Mr. Northern California Drummer 1995
     			   	Gregory  Adams aka Michael Hamilton 
                                     Mr Pendulum Leather 92 and
IML competitor
Graylin Thornton Int'l. Mr. Drummer - 1993 Editor BGM Magazine 1997 Orlando Diaz - 1993 Mr. Leather NYC Lem Suiter - 1993 Mr. Connecticut Leather (First POC from that state at IML) Jim Mitchell - Philadelphia Mr. Philadelphia Leather 1993 (In the top 10 at IML) Vincent Harris - 1994 Mr. South Bay/Austin Mr. Texas Leather Victor Madige - Miami (Cuban-American) Mid-Atlantic Leather - Runner-Up American Leatherman 1994 IML - Top 20 International Deaf Leather 1994 -2nd runner up Jose Granda - 1994 - Miami, Florida. Int'l Mr. Deaf Leather, is Cuban-American Al Reese - - IML 1995 1st runner-up (Only a 3 pt spread) San Diego Mr. Eagle 1995/6 Rico Ware - Atlanta '95 Mr. S..E.Drummer Owner, Mr. S.E. Drummer Contest Dr. Alex del Rosario Mr. Philadelphia Leather 1996 Ray Castro - Florida Mr. Florida Drummer - 1995 Runner-up, Mr. Drummer - 1995 Mauro Montoya, Jr. Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather - 1996 Mr. Puerto Rican Leather - 1997 Edward Bryan - Kalamazoo Mr. Michigan Leather 1996 Ricardo Morris - 1996 Mr. Connecticut Leather KY Fitzgerald - D.C. - Mid-Atlantic Drummer 1996 Mr. Baltimore Eagle 1997-1998 Rich Villagarcia Mr. Vulcan Rubber '96 Patrick Richardson, New York City Mr. Atlantic Deaf Leather 1996 First Deaf African-American ever to win any leather title when he won his first title Int'l Mr. Deaf Leather 1997 Need the introduction Mr. San Jose Leather '97 Vincent Edd - 1997 Mr. Washington State Leather Ty Nolan - 1997 Mr. Florida Leather 'Mufassa' - Chicago Cell Block Leather '97 Runner-up American Leatherman '97 Runner-up IML '97 - Finished in the Top 20 Mr. ONYX Leather 1998 Davien O. - Oakland/San Francisco, CA Mr. Ebony in Leather 1997 Abdicated: Moved to New York City Patrick Richardson Int'l Mr. Deaf Leather 1997-1998 Issadore Lafore - Chicago Mid-American Leatherman - 1998 Ariq Robinson - Detroit ICON Mr. Fantasy Leather 1997-1998 L. Derek Young - Sacramento, CA Mr. Capital City Leather 1998 J.R. Robles Mr. Puerto Rico Leather - 1998 Tom Chavez Mr. San Diego Leather 1998 Mauro A. Montoya, Jr. Puerto Rico Mr. Leather - 1998 Florida Leather Daddy - 1999 Michael Cruz Mr. Tampa Eagle 1997-1998 Ray Castro Mr. Florida Leather 1998 Int'l. Mr. Drummer Runner-up -1998 Wayne Rosemod Nesbit Mr. Chicago Rodeo Riders 1998-1999 Dwayne Newbit Mr. Mr Gay Rodeo Association Ky Fitzgerald Mr. Baltimore Eagle 1997-1998 Darrell Lafayette (African-American) Mr. Leather Holland 1997 Michael Weems Mr. Empire State Leather (NY) '97-'98 Mr. Long Island Leather 1997-1998 Andre'/"Desiree" Marcials (absent) Mr. Ebony in Leather 1998-1999 Danny Carbonnel - D.C. Area Intl Mr. Deaf Leather '98-'99 Darrell "Buck" Burks Mr. Detroit Eagle '98-'99 Ariq Roginson - Detroit ICON Mr. Ebony Leather '99-'00 Jarrod Doak (Filipino), Mr. Missouri Leather 1999 He placed 8th at IML 1999. Derick Rojas - Baltimore, Maryland Mr. Baltimore Eagle '99 Mid-Atlantic Drummerboy 2000 International Drummerboy runner-up Mark Greene - Baltimore, Maryland International Drummerboy 2001 Jose Cebollero Mr. Philadephpia Leather 1999 Andre' English - San Francisco 1999 San Francisco Leather Daddy XVII Keith Truitt - San Francisco 2000 San Francisco Leather Daddy XVIII First two men of color in 17 years of this title. Buck Rogers - Washington, D.C. (Latino-American) Int'l Mr. Deaf Leather 2000 Howard Hao - Canada - 2000 Mr. Ottawa-Hull Leather IML - 2000 6th place Derek Rojas Mid-Atlantic Drummerboy 2000 Hilary Williams - Albany, New York Mr. Ebony Leather 2001 Mark Green International Drummerboy 2001 Leith Chu Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather 2001 Jamal Guiden - Atlanta, Georgia - ONYX Mr. Georga Leather - 2002 xxxxxx xxxxxx - Atlanta, Georgia Mr. Georga Olympus Leather 2001-'02 Frank Marby  - Anchorage, Alaska Morgan Monceaux - Providence, Road Island Mr. Ocean State Leather - 2001 '02 Mr. Alaska Leather - 2002-'03 James West - Boston, Massachusetts Mr. Boston Leather- 2002 Mr. Fire Island - 2003-'04 Vince Edd - Seattle, WA Mr. Ebony Leather 2002-'03 Dwayne Mitchell - Oklahoma City Heartland Leather SIR 2002 William "Bam" Coleman International Deaf Leather 2002 Troy Anicete Mr. San Franicsco Leather 2003 Troy Anicete Mike Russell - San Diego International Leather SIR 2003-'04 Ivan Reyes International Leatherboy 2004 Jerel Cooper Mr. New Jersey Leather 2004 Fernan Royo Mr. Florida Leather 2004 Leif Chu Mr. North Atlantic Leather (year???) George Brown Mr. Cell Block 2005 Tsar Agus Mr. Capital Pride Leather - 2005 Emanuel "Duc" Nixon Mayland Leather Sir 2005 BlackkatNew York/Philly American Leatherman 2005/'06 Dexter J. Edmond - Huntsville, Alabama Southeast Leather Sir 2005 International Leather Sir 2005 Terrell Brown - Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000 Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather Mr. Olympus Leather 2006/'07 Bennett Long Mr. D.C. Eagle 2006 FEMALE Susan Gonzalez, San Francisco - Latina-American Ms. California Deaf Leather 1993 (first Deaf woman ever to win any leather title.) Queen Cougar - 1993 Ms. San Francisco Leather Viola Johnson - Author Patheon of Leather Woman of the Year '95 Mistress Mir - - - NYC Jill Carter - Philadelphia Int'l Ms. Leather '96-'97 'Dyke Daddy 'T' - 1995 Sacramento, CA Dyke Daddy *Jose Spadoni* - Los Angeles 'Stacy'; Ms. N.L.A. - 1996-'97 Genelle Moore - Lincoln, NB Int'l Ms. Leather 1997-1998 (IMsL) Susan Gonzalez, San Francisco (Latina-American) International Ms. Deaf Leather 1998 (my sash ex-wife) (Her "sash husband" was Danny Carbonnel.) xxxxx Ms. Santa Clara County Leather - CA Cynobia Demps, better known as Black X - NYC Int'l Ms. Deaf Leather - 2001 First African-American deaf woman ever to win any leather title when she won her first title; Ms. Baltimore Deaf Leather 2001. Also, she is youngest, A 25, Int'l Ms. Deaf Leather at 25 yrs old. She is NYC native and (attending Gallaudet University in Wash, DC.) Alesha Raven De Fury (Lady Raven) - Steubenville, Ohio Ms. Olympus Leather 2006/'07 *AMBASSADORS*: Alfonso 'OBA' Prothro Leather Shaman - L.A. Mark Durham - Artist George Clinton Concerts Tom of Finland's New Artist Of the Year - 1996 'Divinity Fudge' - L.A. Performance Artist Wayne Corbett - San Francisco Performance Artist Sam Donlavy - L.A. Donlavy Dance Company Dwayne Mitchell OKC, OK 'TEST' Leathermaker Darrell 'Buck' Burks Founder/Pres. ICON - Detroit 'Mufassa' - Chicago Founder - ONYX Aaron Riley - Colombus, OH Leather - At Large rodtney ross (ROSS & ross) Runner-up International slave 1997-1999 WebMaster - LeatherWeb.com - '96-'03. SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Black Leather In Color Publishing Collective Frank Nowicki Emcee, placed 4th at IML 1993 His mother Mary is Filipina and of couse, he always attends with Frank to practically every leather events over the country! Vern Stewart - Washington, D.C. King of Leather V - 1993 Ray Lamb - - 1995-1996 Mr. Leather Europe 1st runner-up Derrick Stringfellow - 1996 Mr. Leather Toranto 1st runner-up George Wong - LeatherMan of the Year 2004 Avatar - Los Angeles Israel Wright - Photographer Cain Berlinger - Writer Billy Jefferson Mr. Seattle Leather - 80's Aids Charity - Founder Jim Brown Mr. Detroit Leather - 80's Lem Suiter Mr. Connecticut Leather - First Mitch Davis - First Black All Three: Mr. New England Drummer Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather IML - Runner-up Kent Arnwolt - Mentor Of The Year, SoCalif. 2004/5 Southland Leather Awards (1st Annual) HONORABLE MENTION: Sgt. Perry Watkins - Takoma, WA 1949-1996 Dennis Rodman Madonna List Compiled by Phil Ross &
Vern Stewart - Kindly attribute.
NOTE: Please e-mail us with any changes, corrections or additions to this
growning list.
These men and women have gone
ahead of you and are becoming the ancestors.
It's your turn.

a few ramblings on being a titleholder
and other: WORD

 BLACK/WHITE Role Playing

Some comments on SUPERIOR/INFERIOR CONFIGURATIONS that have occurred:

(1) Black Blue Collar Top's are usually rough - don't like sissies! Usually getting off on some kind or pressure/oppression They do not form bonds - for they use the moment only Yes they care. (2) Black Blue Collar Bottoms - Usually hook up with black tops UARk to light OR Sugar Daddies ("A Way Out") or become flame's (3) Black White Collar Tops Seem to like: Roghnecks Equals White Farm-boy Types Young Blonds Black "Debutants" (4) Black White Collar Bottoms - Seem to like: Vanilla (middle class professionals--Gay Normal) They shy away from Black and Black experience; infact, they haven't had much of it and so want to experiment (a) with (3) above and (b) with role playing. Since they have not have the black experience directly they want to experiment. They are confused between dedicated loving and dedicated serving. ALSO: Like to see themselves as Ladies Don't like "Uncle Jim's" Are using their role as an excuse to not grow-up and be assertive, responsible. They play the dependent child. Are (sometmes) 'Gold Diggers' seeking status on the backs of their white collar tops. Sometimes 'a way out'. (In the newer Black middle class the reverse has occured also)("B-Boy Blues?") **************************************** (1) White Slue Collar Tops - are usually racist (after all they too feel inferior to relation to white white collar tops.) or they will take on the role of savior/help the forlorn (still a power trip) this applies to large age(ism) differences where the younger one is always less powerful, dependent(does this counter-act the older mans feeling of inferiority?)in terms of getting over in "straight" white culture? (2) White Blue Collar Bottoms - simply see themselves as their mothers (as the
lady/housewife -stand by my man type) This applies to Black or White. (3) White White Collar Tops - Confusion arises- sometirnes say "Sleep, Play, Slum" with blacks but don't live with them! Somctirncs equal relationships emerge "ala" BWMT norm. A "group-think" into the beauty of the black man (the inainlines can't understand the black man's ((blue collar usually)) lack of concern for time, investment,past or future.) Are "Status Seekers": Collecting 'trophies'. It is interesting to note here that where there are white people living near the
equator to compare themselves with (for that matter where are there are black
cultures (indigineous) living in snow to compare with - we use orientals for that
comparison (I think) (4) White White Collar Bottoms - Like to trash worship black blue collar studs want to live dangerously are unattracted to a black man who is not "Afro" american (doesn't like Toms).


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