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We are devoting ourselves, our relationship and our lifestyle to being an out-front monogamous Master/slave couple living and working LeatherFetish 24/7. Our intention is to signify and facilitate anyone to step-up, step-out and follow First Mind. In short, "Do what scares you the most". Live and love in life completely - however that is for you.

We appreciate your support and your sponsorship as we travel the world over during the next year and a half. Here is our partial itinerary. For the most part we will be driving, so we would enjoy your hospitality along the way.


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January  17                        San Francisco BoatShow & Leather Discussion
February 17                        Present at GLBTA Concepts of Community; UCSB
.                                  Exploring the Queer Continuum - Santa Barbara
.  "   19-27                       Southern California
February 28                        Sacramento
March                              Clear Lake, Northern California
April  17-18                       San Francisco
April  26-29                       Vintage-Vacatons RV Rally III - Newport Dunes, CA
.                                  We'll take "Papa Dodge Crew" & Alaskan Cab-Over
.                                  Towing our 26' Delta Van Cruiser                       
May                                Clear Lake, California    
June                               Come go boating with us...
July     18                        San Francisco - Boat Camping
July    28-30                      San Francisco - Dore Alley Street Fair 
August  03-07                      RENO/TAHOE - We'll be crusing Hot August Nights
August   12                        Sacramento River - Gay Rigatta in our new Boat
Aug/Sep 31-04                      Yosemite - 38th BADGER FLATS RUN - SATYRS M/C
Sept.   29-31                      San Francisco - Folsom Street Fair
October  17                        San Francisco
November                           Quincy California - North State
December07-23                      Southern California - tentative
December24-31                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Clear Lake                         
March 21- April 14 or June 21st.   EUROPE - Paris Paris, Geneva, Kronos
.                                  Lithuania, Scandanivia, Amsterdam, S.F.
.                                  Three weeks to three months depending.. 
June     01                        Return to Clear Lake
ALTERNATIVELY:                     We'll be crossing the 'Waterways of America'
May - July 2002 or 2003            Boat Camping with our Delta Van Cruiser
Upon return from these trips:      This is the time we'll decide
.                                  where we'll be homesteading.  Any suggestions:
We're looking to live 'on the water' close-in to a metropolis...
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