ROSS & ross

Master, Daddy, Friend & Lover 

slave, boi, friend & lover

ROSS & ross lived… it will not reoccur. In its place will be 'The UNIT' which has not yet manifested on this earth. It will form as Coincidence occurs: “Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet”. The House Of Ross continues on…

*We are ROSS & ross. Master, Daddy, Friend & Lover; **slave, boi, friend & lover.

So what does it mean to be M, D, F & L; s, b, f & l.? Simply put: It means that we are all of these things. Recognition of this binds us together in an intensely spiritual, monogamous relationship. We believe that living life on a human scale requires a balance of nurturing and self expression. A relationship that does not do this within must go outside for balance, or become unhealthy. To be fully Master/slave, we must also recognize our "humanness".

Our written contract takes the form of a business agreement: "Doing Business As...". The Master pledges to care, to utilize, to encourage. The slave pledges to honor, obey, respect, and serve.. Sexually translated: Every drop of cum produced by this Master will be in or on his slaveboi. Every drop of cum produced by the slaveboi is the property of the Master.

It was Spirit (God Force) who brought us together and is truly the guiding force (Master) for both us. We identify Spirit as "First Mind" or intuition. Leather, as discipline, is also our religion. We use third person protocol full-time, including expressing First Mind, whether spoken by the Master or the slave. Beyond this, when you know what you have, it is not necessary to push limits all the time. We have a lifetime to grow. Still, Master/slave is 101% the default look, feel, and attitude of our existence. It is this constant renewal that keeps it 'hot' for us.

We met during Folsom Street Fair ’96, both of us having lost previous partners to HIV. It was a "Last Night in Town" date -- an exception for Ross. It turned out to be "The First Night in Town" of a complete and total relocation after 35 years in Southern California. Yes, Masters can relocate, too.

Affection, Dominance & submission, and Respect is what keeps us whole. Being totally out gives us Joy. We feel Love. We feel Reverence. We feel Blessed. Our purpose is to educate, facilitate, and be a positive example of Leather expression. A public ceremony is in the planning.

* The formal use of protocol in voice and print is sometimes
awkward for the reader. Therefore, for clarity,
we have relaxed the rules here.
** "boi" is an affectionate and familiar variant of "boy"
as spoken in traditional African-American culture.
This spelling was introduced by Phil Ross in the mid-80's.


We are receptive to invitations for appearances at and participation in all events and activities which support the Leather/Fetish Community, as well as its place in greater Lesbian/Gay/Transgender and Heterosexual society. We are devoting ourselves, our relationship, and our lifestyle to being an out-front, monogamous couple. We appreciate your support and your sponsorship as we travel the world over during the next year and a half.

Together, we are:


ROSS & ross


Available for Coaching, Training, Advising, With Special Emphasis on Master/slave Relationship Oriented LifeStyles.

by Phone, e-mail, or appointment

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Our WEDDING 1998



ROSS & ross "W O R D"

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