Military Leadership Traits and Principles

for a Traditional Leather Approach

Boot Camp



LLCX NYC 2006  (Leather Leadership Conference 10)

Presented by: Bo Mulder

OCLA Program Coordinator


Presentation Introduction

1. Presentation Topic Origins

2. Presenter’s background

3. Presentation references & H/O’s

4. Presentation format

• Presentation duration and Q&A time


Military Leadership

• Links of Military Leadership for over 30


• Leather origins from men experienced in

  WWII and Korean War military structure

  and leadership

• Adopted military structure and principles

  of interaction by early motorcycle



The Chain of Leadership

• Over time Leadership training

  modified to suit the needs of the times

• Based on “the chain of collective experience,

  transmitted from one generation of

  leadership to the next.


Traditional Leather Leadership

based on military format

• Leaders are linked by chain of


• Chain is made up of collective

  experience, transmitted from one

  leader to next by the study, and

  appreciation of Leather history and

  through mentorship.


Traits of Character

• There is no formula that shows

  which traits are more important or

  how they should be applied,

• but the following have been

  identified by the military to increase

  effectiveness in difficult situations.


Leadership Traits

1. Integrity

• Speak the Truth

• State the Facts

• Walk your Talk

• Keep your Word

• Sincerity, honesty, and candor

Leadership Traits

2. Knowledge

• Know your position, duties and


• Admit lack of knowledge or

  knowledge limitations, don’t bluff.

• Know where to find the answers

  and/or facts


Leadership Traits

3. Courage

• Physical vs Moral

• Recognize fear, control it, make it work

  for you.

• Focus on cause and purpose

• Put into positive action

• Take responsibility


Leadership Traits

4. Decisiveness

• Get all the facts, all of them.

• Weigh the facts

• Make your mind up

• Say what you mean, and mean what

  you say.


Leadership Traits

5. Dependability

• Get the job done. Regardless of


• Make no excuses

• Be on time

• Stay till the job is done


Leadership Traits

6. Initiative

• Think ahead and stay alert

• Don’t wait to be told if you identify

  the need to act

• Be pro-active instead of re-active

Leadership Traits

7. Tact

• The right thing at the right time

• Respect and courtesy

• Be fair, firm and friendly

• The “Golden Rule” – treat others as

  you want to be treated yourself


Leadership Traits

8. Justice

• Be fair and equal to all

• Keep emotions out of decisions

• Overcome personal prejudice

• Set your standards high and help

  people to meet them

Leadership Traits

9. Enthusiasm

• Increased knowledge creates


• Show it

• It is contagious

Leadership Traits

10. Bearing

• Pride in Leathers

• Conduct yourself to reflect this

  Pride and Honor in Leather

• Approachable Dignity

Leadership Traits

11. Endurance

• Keep yourself physically and

  mentally fit

• Have plenty of rest

• Learn to stand punishment. Train to

  endure misery


Leadership Traits

12. Unselfishness

• Be ready to do which you ask

  others to do. Share hardships.

• Be the last to benefit.

• Give credit where credit is due.

  Recognize hard work and ideas of



Leadership Traits

13. Loyalty

• 2-way street. Up and Down Chain of


• Traditional Leather credo of Trust,

  Honor and Respect


Leadership Traits

14. Judgment

• Maturity and Wisdom

• Acquired from “Links in the Chain of


• Ask and you’ll receive. Seek and you’ll


Leadership Traits

15*. Maturity

• Sense of responsibility

• Decisions based on reason and

  moral principle

• Emotions are subordinate to reason

Leadership Traits

16*. Will

• Perseverance to accomplish goal,

  regardless of seemingly

  insurmountable obstacles


Leadership Traits

17*. Self-Discipline

• Forcing self to do your duty

• Linked to dependability

Leadership Traits

18*. Flexibility

• Capability to make timely and

  appropriate changes in thinking,

  plans, or methods when such are

  better way.


Leadership Traits

19*. Confidence

• Assurance that you will be


• Shows in your bearing, look in your

  eyes, tone of voice and enthusiasm,

  what you say and what you do.


20*. Coolness under stress

• Confident calmness in looks and


• Self control of fears and adrenaline


Leadership Traits

21*. Self-improvement

• By reading, studying, seeking


• Strengthen beliefs, values, ethics,

  character, knowledge and skills.


Leadership Traits

22*. Assertiveness

• Taking charge when necessary

• Make your ideas known

• Help identify the problem and get

  others to help solve it.


Leadership Traits

23*. Empathy or Compassion

• Being sensitive to the feelings,

  values, interests, and well-being of



Leadership Traits

24*. A Sense of Humor

• Not taking yourself too seriously

• Contribute to laughter and morale of those

  around you

• Eases tension; combats fear and depression

• Enhances communication, trust and respect.


Leadership Traits

25*. Creativity

• Thinking outside the box

• Thinking of the better mouse trap

• New approaches to traditional



Leadership Traits

26*. Humility

• Admitting weaknesses or

  imperfections in self.

• Acknowledging mistakes and

  acting to correct them


Principles of Leadership

• Based on character traits required in

  a Leader

• Follows common sense, which is not

  so common


Principles of Leadership

1. Take responsibility for your actions

    and by those under your direction

 – Leader alone is responsible

 – Traits: Judgment, initiative,

    dependability, loyalty


Principles of Leadership

2. Know yourself and seek selfimprovement.

– Periodic honest self-evaluation

– Seek mentorship in areas of weakness


Principles of Leadership

3. Set the example.

• Demonstrate your standards

• Walk your talk

• Teach by showing


Principles of Leadership

4. Develop new leadership

– Mentor by delegation

• Identify duties and responsibilities

• Clear instructions, follow up and empower

• Increase responsibilities and initiative

• Maintain control and chain of command


Principles of Leadership

5. Provide clear understanding

– “Ass-U-Me” nothing

– Supervise

– Completion with excellence


Principles of Leadership

6. Identify talents, strengths and

Leadership limitations

• Utilize passions and enthusiasm

• Mentor in weaknesses


Principles of Leadership

7. Keep everyone informed.

– Information with discretion

– Squelch rumors

– Give the straight information

– Keep it clear and simple (KISS)


Principles of Leadership

8. Set Attainable Goals and Duties

– Provide for success of

   assigned/delegated responsibilities


Principles of Leadership

9. Make sound and timely decisions

• Be pro-active to possible problems

• Be willing to adapt to mistakes in



Principles of Leadership

10. Know your Job.

– Clearly identify Group’s purpose and

   mission statement

– Know your role and responsibility in

   this mission


Principles of Leadership

11. Teamwork

• Keep team focused on mission

• Assign and coordinate duties

• Develop “Esprit de Corps”

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