At LeatherWeb we believe and practice the motto "Safe, Sane, and Consensual." In the Education section of the Village we offer not only information on safe Leather practices, but also news on workshops, information guides and organizations.

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Safe Sex

We view it this way: Life is the choice and responsibility of the individual. No person will put a partner in a situation in which that person is truly endangered. No harm which shall require the attention of anyone outside the relationship shall be inflicted by any partner. This implies mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In short - no damage - by top or bottom.

Life is a risk. Risk is a choice. Do not place a partner at risk. Any exchange of bodily fluid is a risk. Re-infection or exposure to a person with a weakened immune system with virus or bacteria could lead to that person's death. Don't do it! Protect yourself! Playing on the edge, even with consent, can easily take you over the edge. There's no return from death - at least not in this life.

DRUGS: The body is an electro-chemical machine. What you put in it is your own business. However, all behaviour that places another in a non-consensual state is your responsibility. Everything you do affects the universe. If the substance is in control, then the relationship is with the substance - for all parties in that relationship. Stop. If you can't, get help fast!

EDGE PLAY: For those who chose to extend their activity beyond the limits of Safe, Sane, Consensual we offer the perspective of 'consensual non-consensuality'. What a person choses to do, or be done, with his/her body is their own decision. Society, however, may intervene. All communities reflect the health of the mainstream. Enjoy your body. Just remember: Everything we do affects everything and everyone on the planet. Proceed with caution. Trust yourself.

LeatherWeb suggests: if you can't get high off what you do and who you do it with without drugs, it's the wrong combination. Try something/someone else. A test for any Leather/SM/Fetish activity - Is it Fun? Is it life enhancing? Remember, all anger is an unfulfilled wish. Know what you want and ask for it. No means NO! Truly, in the end, it's all about caring.

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