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San Francisco's G & L Community Services Center
Grand Opening Leather Reception

February 7th, 2002: We drove into San Francisco today for this history making event. As part of the week-long grand opening of the brand new Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center the leather community organized it's very own reception which was attended by every facit of it's diverse community which included hetersexual queers as well. We ran into Steve Koenig of the Society of Janus and with whom we co-produced Leather Leadership Conference III.

Donna Sachet was our hostess as representative of the Center and the leatherati community. There were introductions and acknowledgements and free drinks courtesy of Smirnoff Vodka. Most of those present do see one another throughout the year but very seldom in the same place at the same time. This was a grand exception with "names too numerous to mention". WE connected with LeatherDaddy Alan Selby, LeatherDaddy Steve Gaynes, LeatherDaddy. Keith Truitt, the current LeatherDaddy XIX, Robert Devolt and San Francisco's very first African-American LeatherDaddy XVII, Andre' English who was gracious enough to be our host for the night. We greated Omar Mosley too - the very first Mr. Ebony Leather. Secret guests were there whose names will be omitted here. Sometimes ya just gotta be there.

"Mama was there, Dykes were there, Tim Brace from the Leather Leadership Forum and tons of people we've seen and recognized and others new to our eyes. There was good food, beautiful flowers and warmflowing hugs everywhere. We spoke with Supervisor of the Thirteenth District (The Castro), Mark Leno to congratulate him on his re-electon just two days prior. All of this was a kick-off for the big weekend to follow with the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest on Friday, Mr. 'S's annual fetish party on Saturday and a special workshop presentation at Mr. 'S' on Sunday afternoon. Much adu and much to do. Ahhhhh, San Francisco.

The Center which is located at 1800 Market Street has been a nine year project with millions of dollars raised from hundreds of donors. The building is actually a combination of two extremely diverse buildings. A dark teal Victorian on the corner and a brand new multi-story structure of aluminum and glass next door. It reminds me so much of the diversity of Los Angeles archetecture where just about everything juxt-oposses itself with something totally different nearby. Nearly two dozen organizations have taken up residence in the new Center. Stop by, take a tour and visit with some of the community volunteers running up and down the stairs.

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