What is Leather? - a Credo

Leather is a community of cultures.  
Leather can be fetish - but many fetishes can be Leather. 
Leather can be SM. 
Leather can be an exchange of power as in Master/slave or Dominant/submissive. 

Some see Leather as titleholders. 
There is porn Leather, bar Leather, dance Leather & Leather as a fashion.  
Sometimes Leather is rubber, latex or spandex. 
And to some, Leather means motorcycles.

Some Leather is uniform, strong tough and sensual .
Leather feels good.  Leather looks good.  Leather smells good too!
Leather is the entire hanky code.
Leather is look, feel and attitude - and much much more.
Leather is belonging.  Leather is character.
Leather is history, the future and the present.
Leather is a persona.  Leather can become a lifestyle.
Leather can be fun.
Leather can be Spirit - or become Spirit. 
Leather is what you make it to be.

Leather is play.  Leather is purpose.  Leather is expression.  
To some, Leather is life itself. 
Some play at Leather - part time. 
Some stay in Leather - full time.. 
Some Leatherfolk are never in leather.
Some just like to play in leather.
Some become Leather, as a primary reality

Leather is discovered.  
Leather is a sensibility. 
Leather, like everything else in life, is a personal responsibility
Leather should be "Safe, Sane, Consensual".
Leather is identification, self awareness and soul.
Leather can even be love.

Each of the above is represented in a culture or cultures which,  
when combined, form what is known as the Leather Community. 

Leather is a society as diverse as the mainstream itself - perhaps even more so.
This is not to say Leather is without leaders or heritage; it is rich in both. 

What is important here is that each community be allowed 
representation, respect and recognition. 
Leather includes all sexual orientations.
Leather includes all races, religions and classes. 
Leather reaches around the world.
Is your world Leather?

© By Phil Ross,
... in collaboration with the Leather men and women of "The Global Leather Village".
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