Wayne Nesbitt

LEATHER 1997-1998

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"...I believe seeing diversity in our leather family is always a source of inspiration (for me and for others) and I have discovered this year (as a titleholder) a power that can motivate people. IML was a great experience for me, and I felt a great sense of accoplishment in contributing to that celebration of leather as a person of color..."





January        Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend Washington, DC
February       Let Us Entertain You Weekend Houston, TX
March          South Plains Leatherfest Dallas, TX
March          Maryland LeatherSIR and Leatherboy Baltimore, MD
April          Tribal Fire, Oklahoma City, OK
April          American Brotherhood Weekend Washington, DC
May            Silent Bid For Life Washington, DC
May            International Mister Leather Chicago, IL
June           Potomac River Run Washington, DC
July           Mid-Atlantic LeatherSir and Leatherboy Washington, DC
August         Ms. World Leather Dallas, TX
August         Olympia XVII Oxford, PA
November       DC Eagle Anniversary Weekend & Mr. DC Eagle Contest

a few ramblings on being a titleholder
IML & Step Down Speaches


Wayne M. Nesbitt                Mr. DC Eagle 1997- 98
glewayco@bellatlantic.net       http://leatherweb.com/wndc.htm

DOB: 01-25-63  Height: 6'0"   Weight:  185 lbs.   Eyes: Black   Hair: Black   Tattoos: 2

Leather Orientation
Hanky Codes: Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Red/Black Stripe, Plus more
Switch (Pig)

Wayne M. Nesbitt  Leather Biography

Native Washingtonian, Wayne M. Nesbitt is Mr. DC Eagle 1998. Not to be confused with his evil twin of the same name in Chicago, Wayne is the first African-American to hold The Mr. DC Eagle title, and he placed fifth at InternationalMister Leather in the same year. Many leatherfolk say his speach, "Where Do You Want To Be?" was one of the most stirring in IML history. Over the past twelve years you are likely to have seen Wayne volunteering as judge, den daddy, auctioneer, producer, and worker drone for numerous leather events including Bearfest, American Brotherhood Weekend, International Mister Drummer, MAL Weekend, Potomac River Run, Leather Pride Night, North Carolina Leather Weekend, & many others. He is also the co-executive producer of Silent Bid For Life, an annual fundraiser that benefits local and national charities. Over the past five years his work has helped to generate more than 35,000 dollars in funds to support leather organizations like Brother, Help Thyself, Inc., and The Leather Archives & Museum.Wayne is also 1999 Highwaymen Honorary Trash of The Year, and with his penchant for piggy behavior and cruising dark spaces, it's easy to see why. When not in leather and sometimes in leather anyway, Wayne joyfully toils as an Emmy and ACE nominated television director & producer. Wayne is a proud member of The American Uniform Association and The Directors Guild of America.

Leather & Community First African-American to hold the Mr. DC Eagle title (26th Mr. DC Eagle) Fifth Place International Mister Leather 1998 Judge Bearfest Weekend 1999 (Highwaymen) Den Daddy American Brotherhood Weekend 1999 Judge Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 1999 (Centaurs) Host Let's Make A Deal BHT fundraiser 1998 (DC Eagle) Capital Area Board Basket Auction Presenter 1998 Torch Bearer Opening Ceremonies Olympia Run 1998 (Centaurs) DC Gay Pride Parade 1998 (Centaurs) Judge Mr. DC Drummer/Potomac Run Weekend 1998 (Potomac) Den Daddy for Bearfest Weekend 1998 (Highwaymen) Den Daddy for Bearfest Weekend 1997 (Highwaymen) Judge Leather Sabbat 1998 (Highwaymen) Judge Leather Sabbat 1997 (Highwaymen)

Created this Logo for the D.C. Eagle's 30th Anniversary Silent Bid for Life Committee Co-producer 1999 raised over $9400 for Brother Help Thyself, Joseph's House, and Metro Teen Aids 1998 raised over $3400 for BHT, SLDN, Grandma's House, and The Mautner Project 1997 raised over $7,500 for BHT & The Leather Archives DC Eagle's Scarlet's Cake Sale Judge and presenter 1999 Auctioneer and presenter 1998 Patron and donor 1995 - 98 Video Director/Producer Credits "Pictures At An Exhibition" - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender March on Washington 1992 "The Assess Project" - Teaching Physicians how to talk to teens about HIV/AIDS "The Coming Out Process" for Children's National Medical Center Teaching psychiatric professionals better communication with teenage patients who are gay "We Must Continue to Be There" Food & Friends Demo Reel BHT TV Public Service Announcements Leather Affiliations The DC Eagle Animal Kingdom Nickname: Rodeo Bull Member American Uniform Association since 1992

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