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Master + DADD = SIR          'The UNIT'         slave + boi = slaveboi

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The House of Ross and LeatherWeb are dedicated to Relationship
24-7/3-6-5 Forealness!

Our intention is to provide opportunity for quality and lasting connection.
In The House Of Ross and at LeatherWeb,
intamacy trumps gender, race and class.

This is a good place for those who know what they want, to find it, and to live it. No half-steppin'; no games, no baggage. To raise the bar and assure greater success we encourage you to report your results, good, bad or different. Anyone found misreprestenting themselves will be quickly removed. We encourage referrals. What goes around, comes around. Word of mouth is still the best marketing. And PLEASE, politely answer each and every response you receive.

We make no apology for being exclusive. But we are not eliteist. Try this on:
"VOCATION not avocation. ORIENTATION not recreation.

What is Leather? What is Fetish? What is Power Exchange? What is Leather Culture? SM is not necessairly M/s & M's is not necessairly SM. What makes a good boy, great? What makes a good Master, great? This is not about right or wrong; it's about knowing who and what you are and being able to communicate this to anyone who asks. And if you honestly do not know yet; please avail yourself of some of the myrad of opportunities on and off the internet, including through LeatherWeb itself and most expecially in The House Of Ross. These are some of the understandings that make make coming together possible. "House" in this sense is more of a philosophy than an actual place. W/we journey as 'UNIT'.

WORD: The internet is no substitute for Walking the Walk.
Sooner than later it's time to "Get Out And Boogie"
Livin' it; Lovin' it, Bein' it!
And Have Fun - It's a Great Life!

House of ROSS

Available for Coaching, Training, Advising, and Affiliation, With Special Emphasis on 24-7 Master/slave Relationship as a Spiritual Discipline. .
by Phone, e-mail, or appointment

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