Mr. D.C. EAGLE LEATHER 1997-1998



This evening, my question is a simple one. Where do YOU want to be?

In the late Fifties, Chuck Renslow, Dom Orejudos, Cliff Ingram, and a few other courageous men asked themselves that question, and the leather community of Chicago was born. In 1966, Don Geist answered that question in San Francisco. The result was Fe-Beís and The Miracle Mile. Twenty years ago, David Kloss stepped out onto the first IML stage and embraced the leather family as his own . . . and here we are, twenty years later. Where do YOU want to be?

I want to stand with Jill Carter, International Ms. Leather 1996, whose motto "each one, teach one" still resonates in my brain. I want to stand with Patrick Richardson, International Mr. Deaf Leather 1997, who reminds us not of tolerance but of acceptance and inclusion. Where do YOU want to be?

We are celebrating 20 years of IML, our leather history, pride and sexuality. Where will we be in twenty years from now? That depends. Where do YOU want to be?

I want to be with my family, and I am here. Where do YOU want to be?

Iím Wayne Nesbitt. Judges, Brothers & Sisters, I thank you.

D.C. Eagle; November 1998

"Sea of Tranquility"

It is time for me to pass through The Sea of Tranquility into, as Vern Stewart would call it, The Land of Has Beens. Before I do, a bit of history, and as many acknowledgements as I can cram into three and a half minutes. Brevity is the soul of wit. This sash -- that we are about to award for the twenty-seventh time, is the longest continuously running leather title in our history. Mr. Febe's leather is the only title older than Mr. DC Eagle. IT lasted just three years. Interesting facts, but only significant because they represent a marker of where we have been, a celebration of who we are today, and a vision of our aspirations for tomorrow.

I did not journey this magnificent adventure alone; I had lots of help. I thank the entire leather community particularly The Centaurs, The Highwaymen, The Men of Discipline, and Potomac MC for their many acts of brotherhood and love. I thank the cast and crew of The DC Eagle. For 365 days they have treated me as if I were king if thatís exactly the right word.

I also had six skillful advisors: Vern Stewart, Marcus Hernandez, Neil Alexander, Joe Morris, Bill Cappello, and Peter Lloyd. If I did not stumble, if I did not fall, it is only because these great leathermen wouldnít let me.

Speaking of acts of love, there is no greater gift that one man can give another than to sacrifice his own identity for one year so that I might, pardon the pun, fly like an eagle. I have no idea what it must have been like to be in the room with me at IML when I was practicing my speech, screwing it up, and acting like a hysterical sash queen. I do know that through it all my Glenn has been brave, wise, and gracious, AND that the spirit of Mr. DC Eagle resides in him as much as it lives in me. I, therefore present to him, to you, this flogger which serves as a reminder that fame is fleeting, devotion is not, and you Sir, are now - large and in charge!

For the contestants, I have written this ridiculous poem: Sing a merry tune, say a simple rhyme, work the runway lights, and hit your mark on time. A leatherman who shares his heart so big, will soon be dancing the titleholder jig.

Iím Wayne Nesbitt, civilian at large -- and faithfully yours. Exit stage left and fade to black.

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